Friday, November 22, 2013

Get 200% More Traffic From Search Engines With Simple SEO Keywords Trick

Basically Every Blog or Web Content writer will use Keyword Analyzer Tool to check the density of the keywords for the Article while posting. The Density of the keyword means that how frequently the highlighted keywords has been used in the Article.

Basically the poor density of the keyword in any Article will stay with the Poor Result in the Search Engines. So, whenever you are writing any Article, Choose the keywords which you want to optimize and then maintain good density for that Keyword while writing the article.
In some situation there will be a Multiple Keywords which lead to the same Meaning of sentence. For Example we use USA or America, these two words are different but the meaning will be same:

Most of the people will search with the different keywords to get same Information. For Example:

1st Example:  What are the USA Stock Exchange Trading Timings

2nd Example: What are the America Stock Exchange Trading Timings

So, if you choose the 1st Example keywords to write Article then you may lose the Search Results of 2nd Example Keywords.

The same way if you choose the 2nd Example keywords, then you will lose the Search Results of 1st Example Keywords.

So, you need to manage the Both Keywords, something like: “What are the USA ( America ) Stock Exchange Trading Timings”

If you can manage to write this way, then you can grab the both Keywords in the Search Results. In the both above case your Blog Post will be shown in the SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ). Your Website traffic will boost very much with 200% improvement.

Never Miss to Include Alternate Words:

While writing any Article, never miss the Alternate Words wherever possible. Try to explain in detail with alternate words in Bracket, which will surely boost your Search Engine Results Page ( SERP ) and also people will understand your writing more clearly.

Write the article for the people, but not for the Search Engines because people are more important than Search Engines. While writing any article try to repeat the Keywords wherever possible but the meaning of the sentence should not change. Personally I won’t recommend the Keyword Density Checking Tool to check the Keyword Density.

So, I Hope you got it what I want to say in this article. Please do positive comments... so that it will really Boost me to write some more Articles. Thanks for Reading and ALL THE BEST.

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