Thursday, December 12, 2013

Most Common HTML5 Interview Questions to Answer in Interview!

As you Already know that HTML5 is the New Standard of HTML. The major reason to design HTML5 is to deliver almost all the things online with including any plug-in. It does everything in browsers like Music, Movies, Animations, and Apps it also can used to build most of all applications which runs in your browsers.
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Here are few of the Most Commons Interview Questions which need to go through once!

What is the Difference between HTML and HTML5?
There are many differences; HTML5 upgraded with great application development platform, whereas HTML was a simple language platform arranged with images and text on a webpage. HTML5 Included a better support for Video, Audio and Interactive Graphics, it carries a new elements, has more robust exchange protocols and also supports offline data storage for applications. Browsers can process with elements without any additional plug-ins like Adobe Flash, Sun Java FX etc.

What are some of the new HTML5 markup elements?
There are many Markup Elements included: few of them are; <article>, <aside>, <audio>, <command>, <details>, <figure>, <summary>, <header>, <footer>, <hgroup>, <mark>, <meter>, <nav>, <progress>, <ruby>, <rt>, <section>, <time>,<video> etc.

What are new HTML 5 DocType and Charset?
HTML 5 DocType has been simplified as: <!doctype html>
And HTML 5 uses UTF-8 encoding as: <meta charset=”UTF-8”>

What are the Elements which have disappeared in HTML5?
The Element <frame> and <frameset> have been removed. Some of the other elements which are no longer supported include: <applet>, <noframe>, <basefront> and <bigcenter>.\

What are the Media Related elements in HTML5?
HTML5 has a strong support for Media. The Tags like <audio>, <video> and the Special. There are few more A/V (Audio / Video) support media related tags which are like <source> which is useful for A/V media from Multiple sources, <track> tag is for adding test tracks to media and <embed> tag is a container for third party applications.

How can we embed Audio in HTML 5?
Audio formats like mp3, Wav and Ogg, can be embedding in HTML5. The standard audio Code in HTML5 as follow:
<audio controls>
<source src="webelessons.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
Your browser will not support audio embedding feature.

How can we embed Video in HTML 5?
Video formats like MP4, WebM and Ogg, can be embedding in HTML5. The standard Video Code in HTML5 as follow:
<video width="450" height="340" controls>
<source src="webelessons.mp4" type="video/mp4">
Your browser will not support video embedding feature.

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