Monday, November 18, 2013

Top 7 Steps You Need To Take For Your New Website Blog

In my previous article you have already saw Ask Yourself 3 Questions Before Plan to Make Money Online. And now in this article I like to share the Top most 7 steps which need to take for you to start for New Website Blog. Before that remember that self motivation is very important to run any website blog, your need to stick with the clear goal and stay with consistency to achieve with successful blog. If you are already running a blog or just started with the New Blog Website, you need to consider these 7 Steps to implement for all success.

Step 1# Find & Get a Perfect matching Domain
After choosing your Category Niche, Find a Perfect Domain which should clearly linked with your Category Keywords. Make sure that the domain should be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly so that it will optimize in Search Engines. You can use Google’s Keyword Tool to find the better and perfect keywords which matches your Category.

Step 2# Choose a Good Looking Template
Here you should remember that, choosing a good Looking Template always helps to increase the Traffic Visitors and helps to stick with the website. The Design and Layout plays the major role for any visitors to stick for more time and spend with your blog. So, choosing the attractive template which suits your category is very important task which should be done very firstly.

Step 3# Need Attention at About Us Page
Basically, most of the people won’t consider About Us Page as Important, but it is very important as it helps the visitors to keep trust in your Website. People always like to know about the author and if you are ready to put information about yourself then it helps us to make a good relationship with readers.

Remember, blog success will always depends on the useful contain which you share in your blog and always keep attention to share about your self as maximum as you can at About Us Page.

Step 4# Should Take Social Media Support
Linking Social Media buttons will definitely boost your blog and helps you to connect with your web blog followers. So, make sure that you have a successful Social media Icons like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc Buttons in your Blog.

Step 5# Call to Action for POST
It means making a readers to share the Post in there social media network. The call to actions is extremely important in increasing the users for your blog. Now a days it is very important to add a sharing post widget for great successful of website blog, So, Add call to action widget plug-in to your Posts.

Step 6# Schedule the Posting Time
For every successful Website Blog, consistent Article postings are very important. Regular Posting has to be done, should schedule the Posting time as per your Analytics report. Consider the maximum visitors flow time in a day and try to post the article at that particular hour to increase the readers. And also its helps to achieve the good results are google and alexa rankings.

Step 7# Facebook Popup LIKE Box
Basically many people won’t consider the facebook popup Like Box to integrate in there website blog, as it gives the negative impression but I strongly say it helps a lot as if you have a strong command on your writings and have confidence on your content then to go for Facebook Popup Like box as it will increase the followers tremendously.

You can see the good result with Popup box then the sidebar or footer widgets.

Thank you for spending some time and reading my article. If my article really helps you than please do positive comment as it really helps.

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